A research and development company needed a system to monitor their automated material dispensing system.  The measurement system needed to monitor pressure, flow, and digital signals from a robotic dispenser.   The software was required to work with hardware the customer previously owned along with modern USB data acquisition hardware.  The customer also wanted the same software to view the acquired data.

We developed a custom program written in LabVIEW that could monitor all the signals of interest.  The software could work with a variety of National Instruments' hardware (PCI data acquisition cards and CompactDAQ USB hardware).  This allowed the customer to use their existing NI hardware along with newly purchased upgraded hardware.  The software was also capable in operating in "viewer" mode.  If hardware was not detected the software could load and analyze previously acquired data.  The viewer mode functionality was useful for managers and engineers who needed to analyze the acquired data.
This software allowed the customer to use the same tool to acquire and analyze data in multiple locations.  We provided help files and extensive documentation to reduce training time and make the software very easy to use.