An electronics manufacturing company needed a bed of nails functional tester to test their product.  They needed a system that could easily adapt to design changes, and was easy to use.

We developed custom LabVIEW software that used National Instruments PXI hardware.  The functional test contained over 50 individual tests. Using a National Instruments Multiplexer, routing the signals to National Instruments PXI modules allowed us maximum channel count and flexibility.

We designed the user interface with minimal amount of controls so operator training was minimal.  All data was saved in an XML format to allow data to be imported to a data base at a later time or for easy analysis in Microsoft Excel.

A feature that allowed an engineer to set pass/fail criteria was also included in the software.  This allowed the customer to change test pass/fail criteria based on product design changes without making changes to the source code.

This functional test made testing the customer circuit board very fast and easy.  It allowed the customer to incorporate new tests that needed to be performed due to a changing design.  It was also easy for operators to use and captured all relevant test data.