A medical device manufacturer had a product that needed to be tested for leaks. The company wanted a test that was fast, easy to maintain, and simple to reduce operator training time. We designed a custom turnkey solution that tested the product for leaks by filling the product and a reference volume with air, and comparing the pressure of the 2 systems over a set period of time. The test we created was so simple to use that all the operator had to do was hook the product to the tester and press the start button.

At the completion of the test, a read or green indicator would illuminate, telling the operator whether the product passed or failed. After we completed the turnkey functional test, the manufacturer wanted to remove most of the electronic hardware, used to control the test, to a software controlled test utilizing LabVIEW. Switching to a software controlled system made maintenance and changing test parameters, such as hold time, easier to do. The test we designed and built enabled the manufacturer to test their product in less than 3 minutes. The test was easily maintainable by the manufacturer and required very little operator training time.