An oil and gas valve manufacturing company needed custom software to control and monitor their flow test stand.  They needed software to monitor pressure, position, velocity, and temperature.  The customer also needed the software to actuate the valves to control the stand.  Data acquired from the stand needed to be saved in an excel format.

We developed a custom LabVIEW program to facilitate their needs.  The software contained a table that displayed all the measured values in real time.  We also developed a simple user interface that allowed the operators to simply control and monitor the measurements of interest.

The software supported 2 different test stands.  We designed the software to use a configuration file to determine what test stand the software was installed on.  This allowed for stand dependant features to be only enabled for the appropriate stand.

The acquired data was populated into a customer defined excel template.  This allowed the customer to change how the data was analyzed and displayed without making software code changes.