LabVIEW Rules of Thumb

  1. RTFM (Read the Manual!)
  2. Right Click
  3. Ctrl-Space => Quick Drop
  4. Ctrl-B => Remove Broken Wires
  5. Ctrt-E => Switch Front Panel and Block Diagram
  6. Comment, Comment, Comment!
  7. Help is Cool!
  8. Use Example Finder and
  9. Check for Errors in While and For Loops
  10. Add Sleep time for While and For Loops
  11. Initialize Shift Registers
  12. Bundle/Unbundle by Name
  13. Make ALL clusters and enums Type Definitions
  14. State Machines are Cool
  15. Local and Global Variables => Use 1 Write, Many Reads
  16. Use "Value Change" Event
  17. User Error Wire to enforce execution order
  18. Use "Application Directory" VI for Relative File calls.