An automotive supplier that manufactures side mirrors needed to upgrade their automated mirror testing station. The previous software required the operators to analyze the data from each run using a cumbersome software tool and transfer the results to a hand written report. The user interface wasn't intuitive, and required the operator to do a lot of manual set up. The operator also had to do a manual analysis to determine if the mirror passed or failed the test. Finally the data from each run could not be saved for later analysis.


The supplier needed software that was easy to use, automatically determine if the part passed or failed, save data from each run for later analysis, and have automatic report generation.

We developed a LabVIEW program that met all of their criteria. The front panel only contained the following: test information i.e. technician name, part number, etc, 3 buttons for automatic test setup, a combo box to select which test to run, a start button, and a test status window. All the advanced features were contained in the menu bar and could only be accessed with a password. The test information could be automatically loaded from the test request sheet eliminating the need for manual operator entry. The operator would be prompted in the status window for each step in the setup of each test. After setup was complete the operator would select which test to run and press the start button. After the test was complete the operator was prompted where to save the report. The status window automatically told the operator if the mirror passed or failed the selected test. We also added feature that emailed someone in the event of a failure.

Using our software, the supplier greatly decreased the time it took to run a test. The automatic report generation saved vastly increased efficiency because the operators were no longer required to manually analyze and report test data. The ability to review the raw data of any previously run test helped the supplier diagnose problems that would have previously been impossible. Please click on the links below to view the operator interface, report, and the analysis screens.